Understanding Legal Notices:

When an individual decides to take legal action, one of the first steps involved, is sending an respectable verbal communication to warn the offender of his/her intentions when a distinct situation used to be no longer complied upon as agreed, when the contract was signed between both the parties. For instance, a legal notice can be issued to a tenant for not paying the rent as per the agreed prerequisites before moving into the property of the owner’s house. Therefore, this offers the landlord the right to send a legal notice to the renter with the instantaneous impact of paying the dues before the specified date or vacate immediately.


  • Name and required report
  • Description
  • Place of residency of the notice sender
  • Aspects of the effect
  • The financial comfort needed by the sender of the notice
  • The Summary of the felony groundwork for the compensation claimed

Advantages Of A Legal Notice:

Following are some of the advantages of legal notice:


A legal notice ensures that the offender is made aware of his/her obligations to be performed, and the penalties of non-compliance.


The culprit is informed about the conceivable litigation and opportunity to rectify his/her error.

Resolution of Dispute:

Both parties shall unravel their dispute by way of negotiating between themselves.

Amicable Settlement:

The technique of litigation is time-consuming in lieu of which direct contract makes matter quicker and easier.

Fewer expense:

A notice is a potent tool and may range from workplace to workplace and the complexity of the problem affected, though.

Dismissal of Uncertainty:

Any doubt concerning the intentions is resolved once a reply is assumed. If no response is received in the time edge with concerns to the notice, then it becomes clear that the obtaining party has taken notice casually, and the legal corrective units can be availed there onward.


It is a written record that a valid release was sought from the acceptance party before going to the court of law. The notice can further be annexed with the court accounts and can be accessible during litigation.

Situations In Which A Legal Notice Is Sent

  • Authorized rights to the resources are denied.
  • A bounced cheque.
  • Private disputes like divorce, nourishing, and custody of juveniles party.
  • To achieve a specific picture of the contract.
  • If the intellectual property of the legitimate owner has been infringed
  • When agents of any company are subject to physical& Sexual harassment, unkindness, or violation of labor laws.
  • Illegal termination from a job.
  • A pay dispute between the association and its employees or laborers
  • Breach of agreement by the signatory.

As per Section ‘80 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908’, it is necessary to serve a legal notice before the filing of a suit if the opposing party is State or Public officer. But, in general, it is seen that Advocates serve legal advice ere the filing of all the civil cases. However, it is not obligatory to help legal notice in all civil cases excluding in case of the filing of a suit opposite Government or Public officer. Still, legally it has been sent by the party forecasting to sue.

Legal Notice Procedure

  1. The first step is to compose a legal notice, with the issue, the remedy sought, and a particular time frame (say, 30 to 60 days) to solve the problem, is to be absorbed to the other party, and directed complete a registered AD post.
  2. After tendering the notice, save the copy of the release sent. This may come in cooperative in case of filing for the court continuing.
  3. Wait for a given time before the filing of the court trial.
  4. The person or entity on whom the legal notice is addressed will have the above mentioned days to revert with the notice.
  5. Although the opposite party may or may not respond to the legal notice, it is necessary for a person on whom the legal notice is addressed to send a reply in the specified time. If not replied to notice, one may be at the deprivation of not following the law, and thus, may provide the other party undue influence while appearing in the court.
  6. Legal notice can be sent individually, too. One can draft a legal notice and acclaim it before sending it to the other party. Yet, since wording, legal notice is necessary if the case reaches the court, and the citing of law under which you have elevated the claim is required, having an expert in law to make the copies of the legal notice will work to your benefit.
  7. The same applies to reply to a legal notice, too, since here also, one may not know the appropriate law to be used to revert to the claims demanded by the other party.

How ASA Helps You Draft A Legal Notice

A legal notice is a formal legal document that is being prepared by an advocate for his client if he/she intend on taking legal proceeding against him/her.

ASA will help you draft a legal Notice by providing you services from the best attorneys who are experienced and knows all the legal procedures. Our representatives will coordinate with you in the best way possible and will fulfill all your legal requirements.

ASA’s legal experts will handle all the paperwork and ensure a smooth interactive process in a quick and hassle-free manner. For best legal advices reach out to us at ASA.

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