Company Registration in Delhi 2022

A business cannot just be successful with an idea and investment, but the success also depends upon the type of business they are using. The several business structures constituting the company structure are as follows:

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Due to its adaptable legal structure, the partners are given the benefit of limited responsibility. In other words, the partners gain the advantage of “economies of scale” and lower liability.

Compared to other business firms, registering an LLP in Delhi is little less complicated.

One Person Company (OPC)

If you are the only owner of your company, then the appropriate corporate structure for you is OPC. There are minimal criteria in the online company registration process of an OPC.

Private Limited Company

It is a kind of corporate organization in which the private stakeholders hold ownership in it. The owners involved are only partially liable since they are only accountable for the number of shares they possess.

Requirements for Company Registration

The 2013 Company Act set the following guidelines to ensure a seamless registration procedure:

  • No. of Directors

As its single owner, an OPC must have one individual. In contrast, an LLP needs at least two designated directors. There must be a minimum of 2 directors in the case of a Private limited company and at least 3 directors in the case of a Public limited company.

Additionally, a section 8 business needs at least two directors.

  • Unique Name

Regardless of the type of business structure, your company name must be distinctive. Choosing a distinctive name can make it simpler for you to register a corporation in Delhi and we will make sure that you get the certificate of company registration on schedule.

  • Minimum Capital Amount

For each type of business structure, a different minimum capital requirement applies. For a Private Limited Company, your initial paid-up capital might be Rs. 0. The minimum paid-up capital needed for a public limited company is Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Therefore, be sure to have all the necessary registration documents on hand while registering a private limited business or a public limited corporation online in Delhi.

Important of Selecting the Perfect Business Structure

  • When registering a business online, always make a considered decision about the business structure as it will affect both the “Tax returns” and the “number of compliances to be met,”
  • Some corporate firms encourage investment more as compared to LLPs and Pvt. Ltd. Companies.
  • Additionally, there will be separate registration fees for each type of company structure. As a result, each of them may have a distinct registration process in Delhi. Be careful to pay the company registration fees on time as well. By doing this, you may be certain that you’ll get your “business registration number and certificate” on time.

Benefits of Company Registration

  • Generation of More Capital

To produce ever-increasing quantities of goods and services, any firm needs cash. When a company is incorporated, it is considered more reliable; hence it shall be easy to obtain capital.

  • Acting as a separate legal entity

An organization becomes a separate and distinct legal entity once it is formally registered. It functions for promoters, directors, and shareholders as a distinct legal entity.

  • Limited Personal Liability

If a firm is operated as a sole proprietor or in a partnership, you will be held accountable for all parts of it, including debts and losses. However, a business function as a distinct legal entity offers its owners limited liability.

  • Decision-making power

If a disagreement of any type develops between the company’s Co-Founders then the upper hand in decision-making will be determined by how many shares each of them owns.

  • Brand Awareness

Company registration increases the chances of improving your brand image by incorporating your business. 

Document Checklist for Company Registration

Therefore, whether you wish to register a Private or Public Limited Company. For a hassle-free yet online company registration experience, get in touch with us. Simply fill out the company registration form to start the process. And the rest will be handled by us.

To avail, yourself, of all these and many other benefits reach out to ASA for expert assistance and detailed information about company registration. We will provide you with end-to-end consultation and hand on support in getting the registration done. We will also provide help in obtaining the necessary documents mentioned above.