Understanding Copyright Registration in India

A copyright is a right granted to the author or owner who has created that specific work. Any work can be copyrighted either audios, videos, books, quotes, music pieces, cinematography, artistic work, scripts, stories, photography, software program, research papers, website content, blogs, article and many more. You can use copyright symbol even before you get registered for your work. Copyright registration in India provides the sole right to author to reproduce, replicate and distribute his/ her work. A bundle of rights comes with the copyright from reproduction to translation and to the adaption of the work.

Rights you will get through Copyright Registration

  • In case if your work gets copied, the author can sue anyone to secure his/her work. Though any derivative product can be generated with the help of it by any person.
  • Once a copyright is done, the work is available free on the public records by creating the ownership of the work.
  • After registration for copyright, an owner can prevent the importation of the duplicate copies of the same work.
  • A copyright can be passed to any third party by the owner without any objection.

Facts related to Copyright Approval for your Business

  • Copyright owner can sue another person for delicacies or any by-product of your work that he/ she is doing. Owner can prevent him or ask for the damages also. We will help you in sending legal notices and filling a case in court.
  • Copyright is all about unique content, such as unique books, stories, quotes and photography.
  • If someone claims that you have infringed his/ her right, then they can also sue you and send you legal notice. We will help you in responding on the same.
  • Generally copyright protection is valid for 60 Years & it may take around 6 months to get your copyright registered.
  • One cannot take copyright of business Ideas, general databases, mathematical principles and choreographic work.

How ASA can help you to register your Copyright in India

  • We are there to help you with the entire process of Copyright registration. Our expert team knows the rules, regulations as well as documents that are required to get a Copyright.
  • Our representatives are available to work on behalf of you in getting trademarks and copyrights so you can focus on the real task of your business and can make it grow at a faster pace.
  • Generally, it takes 3 days procedure for filling of application for copyright; we will file it in a day according to your special requirement.
  • The main responsibility in copyright registration is drafting the legal documentation, advising the customer and filling of correct application with authority. Our speciality team will cross check all important factors before filling the application.

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