Understanding FSSAI Registration & Food License

Any businessman who wants to start a business in the food industry requires an FSSAI license. FSSAI monitors the food and its processing system under some rules and regulations and then passes an FSSAI license to an individual. With our professionals assistance, you can get the FSSAI license with a hassle-free process.

FSSAI registration is mandatory for Food related industry under Food & Standard Act 2006. For maintaining maximum hygiene & safety measures one can’t sell food commercially without this approval. Even its compulsory for a street vendor.

Its mandatory for manufacturing, processing, marketing, packaging & distribution industry individually. There are penalty clauses of up to Rs. 10 lakh if someone is found guilty (selling food without this approval).

Food safety is a very important issue. Becauseitplaysan important role in people’s health, it is very important to have a way to ensure their safety. In the case of India, food safety and quality assurance is maintained by the governmental body FSSAI.

All companies entering a certain part of the food supply chain must have a valid license issued by FSSAI. In other words, yes. All food and beverage businesses require an FSSAI license. All companies dedicated to food and food manufacturing in the country must obtain an FSSAI certificate. The FSSAI certificate can be obtained on the FSSAI department website.

The FSSAI currently issues licenses to businesses on the basis of their annual turnover. These businesses include, among others, hotels, manufacturers, produces, etc. There are three different licenses in existence, namely,

  • Registration: For Turnover less than Rs. 12 Lakh
  • State License: For Turnover between Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 20 Crore
  • Central License: For Turnover above Rs. 20 Crore

The exact nature of the license required, will be dependent on the annual turnover of the business.(According to official portal )

What is the need for an FSSAI license?

  • Your business will get evidence of quality food that it is serving to the consumer.
  • You will get knowledge regarding the processes so if there is a need for modification, you can do it with ease to set the safety benchmarks decided by international organizations.
  • FSSAI logo is widely recognized by all the people, therefore, people will trust you easily.
  • Therefore, having an FSSAI license is a wise choice.

Classification of FSSAI Licensing

  • FSSAI Registration – Upto Rs. 12 Lakhs of Turnover
  • FSSAI State License – Rs. 12 lakh to Rs. 20 Crore of turnover
  • FSSAI Central License – For above Rs. 20 crores of turnover

Facts you should know about registering a FSSAI License in India

  • FSSAI Registration is State wise & Branch wise registration. You have to apply separate registration for every location.
  • It is mandatory for selling food items online through ecommerce portals. E.g. Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.
  • Pharmacies also require this license.
  • Its applicable on restaurants, hotels, milk industry, sweet shops, raw material supplier, food importer & exporter, pickle & dry fruit maker, online selling, food chains, canteen & mess, packaged food, tea & coffee shops, cold storage , meat shops, grain & pulses.
  • FSSAI Mark/ Logo on product enhance brand image & quality of product. Overall, it creates goodwill of a brand. Its compulsory to mention FSSAI mark & no. on your product.
  • FSSAI license can be applied for 1 year to 5 year period.
  • One have to fulfil guidelines of Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulation, 2011.
  • License copy should be on display of prominent place with the photo of authorised person.
  • Annual return must be filed by the applicant by the end of 31st May of following year.
  • For importing product it’s also mandatory to fulfil FSSAI Guidelines of India.

A detailed process of FSSAI online registration

Step no. 1: Get a consultation from our representatives in documentation and filing of the application

Our representatives will help you with filing an online application. Our experts will help you in deciding which type of FSSAI license you will require. Now, all you have to do is to provide all the required documents through email. Then we will file the application and documents to the concerned authorities on behalf of you.

Step no. 2: Follow up

After CS and CA filled the application and if in case there is an issue during the process, our experts will assist you to resolve that issue. The Government considers an application after 7 days.

Step no. 3: We will be there until the final delivery of the license.

Once the application is approved by the authorities, you will get the FSSAI license. A copy of the license will be send to your address within 20 days.
Now getting FSSAI license is no more a big hassle. All you have to do is just contact our representatives now.

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