Importance of FSSAI license in India!!!

An individual who wants to commence or carry on any business related to food should have an FSSAI license. It is a type of permit that is required to operate a food-related business issued by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) while ensuring that your business is offering a good quality of food.

Difference between state & central food license:

The main difference between the two licenses is the difference in the jurisdiction. Whether a food business operator needs to apply for a state or central food license, it will depend on several factors including the nature of the business, business turnover and the area of the operation.

License based on the turnover:

  • If the turnover is below Rs. 12 Lakhs yearly then basic registration for the license is required.
  • If the turnover is between Rs. 12 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Crores yearly then state license is required.
  • If the turnover is above 20 Crores yearly then the central license is required.

License based on the production capacity:

  • If the production capacity is up to 100 KG per day then basic registration is required.
  • If the production capacity is between 100KG to 2 MT per day then state registration is required.
  • If the production capacity is above 2MT then central registration is required.

Why it is important for our business?

To start a food business in India, one of the most critical things is to get a food license from FSSAI from a food business operator.

Rules of FSSAI:

To legally certify your food business, many science-based standards have been laid down by FSSAI. Everything has been measured from the manufacturing of food to storage and distribution to ensure the safety of the citizens related to food.

Food is considered as a subtle subject because it can affect the customer’s health. This is the main reason why FSSAI has to follow strict rules and regulations when it comes to the food and safety of the people.

During the time of registration of a business, food verification is done. Registration should be successful to get the proper food license.

The major importance of the FSSAI license is to ensure that your food is verified chemically, therefore, it is quite safe to consume. As you are well aware of the quote “health before wealth” fact, therefore, FSSAI is highly important.

How we can help us in taking this license?

With a food license, you need not face any kind of allegations related to food safety. It is a kind of evidence of the fact that the food is harmless and it is quite safe. An individual can flawlessly edible without any kind of health concern when you consume this food.

It gives an assurance to the business owner that your food is of a high standard because food verification is done before a successful registration. Therefore, if there is any kind of flaws at the several levels of food verification, they can be worked on and improved.

This makes your business and company trustworthy. Once you will get the license, people will consider you trustworthy. This makes you start to gain customers, partners, as well as investors. People will choose your business over others.

As you know, in this modern era of technology, customers are becoming more and more aware of the food items that they are consuming. They check whether the items are safe to consume and of good quality or not. They also make sure that the place has a food license. Usually, people consider that the cost of the food licenses is higher but in reality, it offers uncountable benefits that a business can get. Therefore, it is a wiser decision to have a food license from FSSAI.

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