Company registration in Delhi can be a tough task unless you don’t have an expert by your side who can guide you through the complexities of the process and all the rules and regulation that are followed in the state in company registration regard.

Company registration in Delhi will help in growth and expansion of the business as it the national capital and a high economic growth, it will also provide stability to the business.

Therefore, it is necessary before registering a company in Delhi one must seek an expert’s guidance and get to know all about the policies and all the government procedures.

And seeking advice from the best in business at affordable price can really ease out this complex process. Reach out to us at ASA and get all queries answered from experts who are very well awareof the complexities of the process.


With everything going digital it has become more feasible to register a company online. And Delhi is the state which is on the topmost list in terms of opportunities in doing various businesses.

Online registration of a company in Delhi is cost effective and there is not much compliance is required.

Just few documents are required for online company registration and after that your company gets registered and gets the recognition.

ASA will also help you in getting all the necessary documents required for the online registration of company, and will ease out the online process of registration.


Starting any new company in Delhi is the best way to begin your entrepreneur career , since it the national capital and have a great economy. Being in the capital also attracts local customers more and the business gets the right amount of exposure.

New company registration in Delhi requires  few documents and an expert’s assistance who can guide you through all the legal formalities and about the policies of government that are implemented in the state, for which you can reach out to us at ASA, for expert’s guidance. We have a team of professionals who are best in what they do and will assist you like no other in Delhi.


How to register a company seems a difficult question but comes with an easy answer ( i.e.  with ASA). Ditching the traditional paper ways of registering company, people have now opted for modern way that is online. Now a company can be registered online without any much hassle or without even going out.

Some steps are needed to be followed to register a company like:

  • Step 1: Get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  • Step 2: Get Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Step 3: Check for name availability.
  • Step 4: File EMoa and eAoA, to register for a Pvt. Limited Company.
  • Step 5: Apply for the company’s PAN and TAN.
  • Step 6: Get A certificate of incorporation
  • Step 7: Open a current bank account with the name of the company.