Understanding of Trademark Registration in India

A Trademark is a unique identity of a business that makes it different from all other businesses providing the same kind of products and services or a business is represented by its trademark. This trademark can be the name of the brand, a signature, a slogan, a graphic image, or a sound. If a company wants to use a name or sign as a trademark, it should be registered first.

There are 45 classes/ categories of different product & services. One has to select its category according to its products & services. We will help you to choose the best category.

We are here to help you with the entire process of Trademark registration. Our expert team knows the rules and regulations as well as the documents that are required to get a trademark.

Our representatives are available to work on behalf of you in getting trademarks, so that you can focus on the real task of your business and can make it grow at a faster pace.

Delhi offers a wide range in trade mark registrations. There are a lot of firms that offer trade mark registration in Delhi.

Trade mark registration firms in Delhi have a team of professionals that give assistance on all matter related to trade mark registration and other legal activities.

Trademark registering firms in Delhi usually have their qualified staff who adhere the whole process responsibilities on behalf of the company with a certain amount of consulting fee or charges.

Trade mark registration services include logo design with the help of graphics and photoshop expert, developing a tag line which suites the best according to the brand, identifying the class under which the trade mark has to be registered. Trade mark registration services also includes a research which is carried out by an agent who verify the similarity of the trade mark.

ASA will help you in the entire process from Trademark Application to Registration with assurance of hassle-free proceedings.

It generally, takes 3 days procedure for application filing of Trademark. But ASA can help you get it done in a day according to your special requirement.

Obtaining a trademark is without a doubt the most authentic wayto establish and protect your unique identity, for which there are trade mark registration consultants that help and assist in matter of obtaining the right trade mark to your business.

Registering a trademark in Delhi is a scary process and understanding the complexity of registration is confusing.With a consultant at your side,you can manage your registration process from the beginning without worrying about various stages and corresponding deadlines. The consultant can help you submit the necessary responses and inform you of the progress of your application while monitoring your application.

We at ASA will provide you end to end consultation. From application acceptance to final approval ASA’s team of expert professionals will update you on every part of it. We are specialised in Trademark Approval, Filling of Objections, TM Renewal, Hearing & Appealing Matters. You will get all the things under one roof from drafting matters to litigations requirement. We will consult you on every step of it.

The basic requirement for the registration of trademark in Delhi is Form TM- 1, which is an application to register a trademark for a specification of goods and services included in a class.

Some steps are needed to be followed to register the trade mark in Delhi

  • Identify the Mark/Logo to be registered as Trademark
  • Search the availability of Trade name / Mark of Registration
  • Identify the class under which the Trademark has to be Registered
  • Filing the applications with Trade Marks Registry

There are various requirements for filing a trademark application which is as follow:

  • Firstly, the name, address, and nationality of the applicant.
  • If the applicant is a company, Certificate of incorporation and company’s PAN card is mandatory.
  • If the applicant is a partnership firm, the names of all the partners are required.
  • A list of products or services for which registration is required.
  • Soft copy of the trademark to be registered.

The Process followed by a company for successful trademark registration

During the 4th step of the registration process, the trademark has been examined considering the rules and regulations of the Trademark act. It has been examined that whether the mark is relevant to your business or not. Apart from that, it has been examined that the trademark does not affect any religion and it should be unique from the other party’s trademarks. The process that we follow is mentioned below:

  • Search for the right trademark in your category to avoid objections & rejections.
  • Filling of the correct trademark application with the required documents.
  • Check for the completing of the needed formalities & final submission with client approval.
  • Examination of trademark
  • Publication check
  • Registration certificate

Why Trademark is necessary for your business

  • It provides Brand recognition and creates a brand value for an organisation. In other way, it can be said that, brand is an asset of a company.
  • Company obtains exclusive & legal rights for that name atleast for 10 years, so that no one can use the same name or same business model. It’s a kind of security of your business.
  • The Trademark Act 1999 gives you power to sue other person who is trying to copy your brand name.

Brand/Logo registration is important for any business. It gives a unique identity to the business Customers will recognize a singular product or service only with the brand name. Registering a trademark guarantees that competitors will not apply it. Brand/logo registration gives legal protection to the business, it also provides more business opportunities.

It is very important that the logo one is registering must have a tag line with it.

Along with many other services that ASA provides, we also provides Brand/logo registration services in Delhi. From helping you in getting the right logo for your brand , to designing it and getting the approval from authorities. We got it all covered for you.

Having us on board for your brand/logo registration will help you to complete all the formalities in much lesser time.

Facts related to Trademark Approval for your business

  • If any trademark is already registered then there are less chances to get approval with nearby resembling words also. For example, under shoes category if someone is applying for HIKE then definitely, he/she will not able to register. That means your brand name should be very unique.
  • This Trademark is applicable in India only. International Trademark Registration comes under our different services; you can contact us furthermore for this category also. It includes Madrid protocol, WIPO (World International Property Organisation) and many other requirements according to the country.
  • There are two types of trademarks: Trademark Applied For and Registered Trademark. TM mark you can use it from day 1 with your products as it describes that you have applied with this brand name and R Mark you can use it after receiving registration certificate form.TM mark you will get within a day if you are applying with us.
  • Trademark can be registered as a Brand Name, Logo & Tagline. These three categories are most used in Trademark Registration.

Buy Registered Trademark (Trademark Assignment)

  • Trademark Registration is a lengthy process; it will take long time to get your own trademark approval. We will help you to get registered trademark directly from third party, so that you can start your business safely from a unique brand name.
  • The main responsibility in trademark assignment is drafting the legal documentation and filling of complete compliance work to authority. Our specialized team will cross check all important factors before transferring the rights.
  • If you want to sell your own brand name, then you can contact us with your original certificate of trademark registration. We will also help you to know your brand name value in the market including the goodwill of that brand name.
  • Also, you can transfer your rights partially or completely to the buyer. That process is called as complete assignment & partial assignment. In partial assignment, you can restrict rights according to your terms.

For Partners

Passport Size Photograph of all Directors & Shareholders

PAN Card of all Directors & Shareholders

Self-Attested ID Proof of all the Directors
(Driving License/Passport/Voter ID)

Passport Copy of Directors & Shareholders (If they have)

Residence Proof of Shareholders

For Firm

Electricity Bill or Other Utility Bill for Address Proof

Rental Agreement or Sale Deed of Business Place

How ASA can help you to register your Trademark in India

  • We will help you in the entire process from Trademark Application to Registration with assurance of hassle-free proceedings.
  • We deliver end to end consultation before you choose your mark, how can you use it, what type of mark you should select, what are the chances to get approval or rejection or many more things. From application acceptance to final approval we will update you on every part of it.
  • We are specialised in Trademark Approval, Filling of Objections, TM Renewal, Hearing & Appealing Matters. You will get all the things under one roof from drafting matters to litigations requirement. We will consult you on every step of it.
  • Generally, it takes 3 days procedure for application filing of Trademark. We will file it in a day according to your special requirement.

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