Why Choose Us

We are best in Indian legal sector from last 10 years

Understanding Business

A business environment consists of many factors and one of the main and very important factors is the Legal factor. When people run their business they expect that the Legal factor may influence their business affect its operation. Factors like law and regulations on taxation, employment contracts, ITR’s, TDS and many more affects the way business operate and customer behave. That is why it is very important for a business to have a clear understanding of the legal environment, for which ASA is here to help you with. We work with you carefully and closely to get to apprehend your business and its objectives. We promise to provide the kind of legal advice's like no other firm will. We work with some of the fine people in the industry who will help you understand the legal environment in which a business has to function because these factors may determine its success or failure.

24/7 Availability

People don’t check their watches to see if it’s a good time to want or prefer any service. When the anxiety of filing any important report strikes and due date is round the corner, then they need someone who can assist them out at any time or any day of the week. Well ASA provides the facility to all our clients to get their very own dashboard and chat with us whenever they want to. We guarantee to work for you around the clock without making you wait for hours or making you press 1 for English over a phone call to reach to us and get all your queries answered by our experts. We are just a web search away to provide you the high-quality legal services.


We have added some feathers under our cap over the years. We have received quite a few awards and acclaim from agencies and our counterparts. Some of our accomplishments are:

  • We have worked with LUMINOUS, CBSE, DBTB, CYCLE Brand and several others.
  • Acknowledged and are trusted by more than 500 happy clients.
  • Have a single window and a couple of options from tax filing to revenue creation that is integrated for simplicity.
  • Adopted advanced technology like ERP, SAP and cloud based culture for higher delivery of services.
  • Integrated with first-class experts in the market to provide a 100% pleasant assistance.